Yamaha RX-A2080 And Q3050 Cinema Package

£2,435.00 + FREE DELIVERY

Yamaha RX-A2080
- 9-channel surround sound
- Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™
- Ability to add wireless surround speaker/s
- Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control compatibility*
- MusicCast multi-room technology
- Music streaming services built-in
- Phono input for vinyl playback

Q Acoustics Q3050 Cinema Pack
- Comprising of 1 pair Q 3050i + 1 pair Q 3010i  + Q 3060 Subwoofer + Q 3090i Centre
- Q 3010i speakers can be wall mounted with optional, dedicated brackets
- The Q 3090Ci centre channel delivers crisp and clear dialogue
- The Q 3060S: 150watt amplifier partnered with a high performance 200mm driver
- Larger floor standing speakers for the front left/right channels

This package also includes 20 metres of Chord Leyline 2 speaker cable to get you started. Terminations are available as an additional extra. Unless otherwise stated, the cable will be dispatched as a complete length of 20 metres for you to cut and terminate yourself.





1 x Yamaha RX-A2080 9.2 Channel AV Receiver



9.2-channel AVENTAGE model with superior three-dimensional sound field playback and the latest, most advanced Surround:AI features. Product available from September.

9-channel powerful surround sound
    --- 140 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven)
    --- 220 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)
    --- 220 W per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)
    Surround:AI automatically optimises the surround effect in real time
    Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ with CINEMA DSP HD3
    YPAO™-R.S.C. with 3D, multi-point measurement and precision EQ
    Ability to add wireless surround speaker/s* (*MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50)
    Amazon Alexa voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region)
    Highly rigid construction including Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge
    High quality parts for optimum performance
    Professional quality digital audio by ESS DAC
    MusicCast multi-room technology
    Music streaming services built-in
    HDMI® (7 in / 3 out) with Dolby Vision™ and Hybrid Log-Gamma
    Phono input for vinyl playback

Discover the thrill of the most advanced cinematic surround sound in the home. Breakthrough Surround:AI technology analyses the scene of the entertainment content and optimises the surround effect in real time while you watch.

State-of-the-art configuration options and unparalleled versatility satisfy the most demanding whole-of-home applications.

Simple and straightforward operation, whether using specially designed compatible apps, intuitive on-board menu, or in conjunction with Amazon Alexa voice control devices.

1 x Q Acoustics 3050i Speaker Package

The Q 3050i Series 5.1 Cinema Pack will unleash the full potential of your home cinema electronics. Its exquisitely detailed sound will convey all the atmosphere, natural dialogue and, when required, the full bodied explosive drama of every video soundtrack. The 3050i 5.1 cinema package is derived from its award-winning predecessors and boasts an extended cabinet size delivering a larger sound, P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing for additional cabinet stability for a purer, more dynamic home cinema sound.

Each speaker that forms part of the Q 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack is a genuine hi fi speaker incorporating a wealth of technology applied to the entire 3000i Series – resulting in an exceptional cinematic performance for small to medium sized listening rooms. The Q 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack also delivers stunning musical performances.

Across the entire 3000i Series, conventional terminal panel cut-outs have been removed, giving greatly improved structural integrity to the enclosures and new low profile binding posts have been incorporated with sockets deep enough to accept 4mm (0.16 in) Banana Plugs. The speaker can be positioned very close to a rear wall even when banana plugs rather than spades or bare wires are used which means the Q 3050i home cinema system can be a seamless addition to your listening room.

The Q 3010i speakers can be shelf-mounted on compliant, pre-fitted rubber feet, stand-mounted or wall-mounted on optional, dedicated stands and brackets giving you ultimate flexibility in your home cinema setup. Whilst the Q 3050i speakers are stand-alone, floorstanding stereo speakers best suited as the front left and right channels in this home cinema set up.

The Q 3090Ci is the same width as most Amplifiers and AV Receivers so will fit attractively into the specialist furniture designed to house them and can also be shelf or cabinet mounted, or on dedicated wall brackets.

The Q 3060S is our most slimline subwoofer with all the power needed to deliver every nuance of an acoustic double bass or rumble of a cinematic explosion. The Q 3060i Subwoofer can be floor mounted using spikes provided or wall mounted with a dedicated wall bracket.

Not only does the entire 3000i range features all new enclosure aesthetics but it also offers 4 new contemporary finishes. The new 3000i series speakers are available in four standard finishes; Graphite Grey, English Walnut, Carbon Black or Arctic White. All are finished with an attractive chrome bezel around each driver and feature magnetic speaker grilles

Specifications 3050i:
Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Bass Unit: 2 x 165 mm ( 6.5 in)
Treble Unit: 22 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency Response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 44 Hz – 30 kHz
Average Impedance: 6 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (2.83 [email protected] m): 91 dB
Stereo Amplifier: 25 - 100 W
AV Receiver (2 ch. driven): 50 - 165 W
Internal Amplifier Power: -
Crossover Frequency: 2.5 Hz
Effective Volume: 32.4 L (1977 cu in)
Dimensions W/H/D mm: 310 x 1020 x 310 mm (12.2 x 40.2 x 12.2 in) (inc. grille, terminals and feet)
Enclosure width: 200mm (7.9 in)
Weight (per speaker): 17.8 kg (39.2 lbs)

Specifications 3010i:
Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Woofer unit: 100 mm ø
Tweeter unit: 22 mm ø
Frequency response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 65 Hz – 30 kHz
Average Impedance: 6 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensivity (2.83 [email protected] m): 86 dB
Stereo amplifier: 15 - 75 W
AV Receiver power (2 ch. driven): 50 - 125 W
Crossover Frequency: 2,6 kHz
Effective volume: 4,0 l (244 cu in)
Dimensions W/H/D: 150 x 253 x 252 mm (5.9 x 10.0 x 9.9 in)
Weight (per speaker): 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs)

Specifications 3090i:
Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Bass Unit: 2 x 100 mm (4 in)
Treble Unit: 22 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency Response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 75 Hz – 30 kHz
Average Impedance: 6 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (2.83 [email protected] m): 89 dB
Stereo Amplifier: 25 - 100 W
AV Receiver (2 ch. driven): 50 - 165 W
Internal Amplifier Power: -
Crossover Frequency: 2.7 kHz
Effective Volume: 6.6 L (403 cu in)
Dimensions H/D/W mm: 430 x 152 x 216 mm (16.9 x 6.0 x 8.5 in)
Weight (per speaker): 6 kg (13.2 lbs)

Specifications 3060S:
Enclosure type: infinite baffle
Bass Unit: 200 mm (8 in)
Treble Unit: -
Frequency Response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 35 – 250 Hz
Average Impedance: -
Minimum Impedance: -
Sensitivity (2.83 [email protected] m): -
Stereo Amplifier: -
AV Receiver (2 ch. driven): -
Internal Amplifier Power: 150 W Class D
Crossover Frequency: 35 – 250 Hz (var)
Effective Volume: 10.6 L (647 cu in)
Dimensions H/D/W mm: 480 x 300 x 150 mm (18.9 x 11.8 x 5.9 in)
Weight (per speaker): 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)

20 x Chord Leyline 2 Speaker Cable

The Chord Leyline 2 is a superb value speaker cable delivering impressive detail and sparkle for a bargain price. This cable is ideal for multi-room installations, or in commercial premises such as bars, cafes, offices or shops, thanks to it's proven minimal loss of signal over lengths of 50 metres and more. 

Allowing the dynamics of music and movies to shine through, the Chord Leyline 2 can really give a noticeable improvement to compact hi-fi and discreet home cinema systems. It's thin size and smooth white finish make it inconspicuous and perfect for rear surround speakers or multi-room speakers. 

The oxygen free copper multi-strand conductors are tin-plated to ensure that the treble is maintained even over long runs. The twisted pair conductors have been insulated with polyethylene and covered with a high density PVC jacket to protect the conductors and reduce electrical noise interfering with the audio signal. 

For a high quality installation cable, or discreet solution to your hi-fi or home cinema, the Chord Leyline 2 is an excellent, affordable choice*. 

*For best results we recommend termination of this cable with banana plugs. These are not included as standard. If you wish to add banana plugs on to your cable please select them using the accessories tab above. 
Buy the cable and plugs from us and we can fit the plugs for you, free of charge! Just add your request with lengths required in the 'order notes' box when you go to your basket.

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