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Yamaha R-N602 MusicCast Stereo Receiver

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THX was founded by film-maker George Lucas to address standards in cinema design and performance. THX Select is a certification of hardware performance, as defined by the company. Certified products are guaranteed to meet certain stringent performance and specification criteria, as well as offering custom THX decoding modes and bass management for movies and music.

THX Select

An audio only version of the DVD format. Discs look the same, but carry music only in a multi-channel format and with higher resolution compared with that of CD. DVD Video players wont necessarily play DVD Audio format, so look out for the DVD Audio logo.

DVD Audio

Freeview is a digital terrestrial television and radio service. This means that the signal is transmitted from local transmitters in the same way as normal television and radio programmes, usually enabling reception of the newer services with an existing antenna.

Most of the population can receive the services now - you can check local coverage here.

CAM: Some Freeview tuners have a facility which enables a plug in adaptor, known as a "CAM" (or Conditional Access Module) to be connected. This plug in adaptor will facilitate the use of a TopUpTV subscription card and open up a wider choice of subscription channels, in addition to the free channels you will receive.

Channels: As well as existing BBC and Commercial television channels, Freeview also delivers many new services from the BBC and other broadcasters, including radio programmes, documentaries, news, children’s programming, entertainment and interactive services. For a full channel list, check here.

Cost: Apart from the initial purchase cost there is nothing further to pay: no subscription fee is required.

EPG: Electronic Programme Guide. A system which delivers detailed programme listings, now and next and other schedule information. Also used by some devices as a handy means of timer/programme reminder setting, enabling simple programme "highlight and select" to define start/end/channel information for a timer setting.

TopUpTV: TopUpTV is the subscription channel service available via Freeview, bringing additional channels and services to subscribers. Check to see whether your Freeview receiver or television has a card or CAM slot to enable viewing of TopUpTV programmes.

For more information visit the Freeview website.


A device which displays this logo is capable of supporting the picture resolution and wider bandwidth required for High Definition pictures.

In the case of a display such as a plasma or LCD television, this will mean that the screen has the resolution (the level of image detail) to render High Definition images properly. Some screens are merely High Definition compatible - this means that they will accept a high definition signal, but only render the picture in standard definition. This is not the same as HD ready. If you are looking for future-proofing and the best picture, your screen should be "HD Ready".

Source devices such as DVD players with the logo will deliver a High Definition resolution image, usually by upscaling standard definition images to the better format. Other sources of High Definition programming include the BBC’s service & Sky’s subscription services, both currently available via satellite, while in the future, High Definition will be available via the new digital TV platform, "Freeview" and from "Blu-ray" disc players.

Devices such as AV receivers can also be "High Definition Ready" if they have video switching which supports the increased bandwidth required to carry a high definition signal (typically via HDMI or component video connections)

Component video is a picture signal format. Component video inputs are most commonly found on plasma, LCD screens and projectors as the format supports a high-bandwidth, suitable for High-Definition signals.

HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface. The HDMI connector is a digital interface which has global backing as the universal digital connector for home entertainment products. Capable of carrying a very large data rate, it is ideal for the latest generation of High-Definition sources and displays, it can carry picture, sound and other information between the latest generation of DVD players, plasma screens, computers and more - with the best performance yet.

High Definition Ready

DTS-HD is a system for delivering extremely high-quality multi-channel audio. It takes advantage of the larger capacity afforded by formats such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, delivering sound quality which DTS claim is equal to the studio master recording. It does this using lossless encoding which, unlike many existing formats, ensures that there is no reduction in audio quality. It can support any number of audio channels, although when used on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs, is specified to support up to 8 channels (7.1) of digital audio.

DTS-HD can be carried from a compatible player via an HDMI cable. AV receivers with DTS-HD decoding receive the signal via HDMI, along with the video signal. Such receivers provide the decoding and amplification of the signal, whilst passing the video signal on to the display via an HDMI output.

DTS-HD signals output from a player are backward compatible with AV receivers that feature standard DTS decoding - you will enjoy the highest quality signal your AV receiver is capable of decoding from a DTS-HD source. In addition, some players feature built-in DTS-HD decoders, providing the benefits of superior fidelity with existing AV receivers.

Further reading: DTS HD web page.

DTS-HD Master Audio

Dolby noise reduction reduces the levels of noise, otherwise inherent with audio cassettes, during recording and playback. Cassettes recorded using Dolby B and C can be played back acceptably on players not featuring a Dolby B or C decoder. While Dolby B may be considered standard noise reduction for cassettes, Dolby C is designed to provide enhanced noise reduction for high frequency sound.

Dolby B & C Noise Reduction


Manufacturer: Yamaha

- Part of the MusicCast range
- High performance 24-bit D/A converter
- Wireless streaming via network and Bluetooth® or AirPlay
- Digital audio input for TV or Blu-ray player
- 40 station FM/AM preset tuning

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