Yamaha Outdoor Speakers NSAW392 & InPhase SP10.1 High Quality Speaker Cable 5 Meters & QED Screwloc 4MM Banana Plug 4 Pack-White

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Product Features

Yamaha NS-AW392

The Yamaha NS-AW392 White are a quality pair of outdoor speakers that give great sound whilst being water and UV resistant. They have a long-lasting plastic cabinet and specially processed tweeter and woofer ensuring that the sound quality is excellent whilst remaining weather resistant. They come with a bracket that allows each speaker to be adjusted to give a wide variety of installation options.

They're primarily intended for use as outdoor speakers, but they can also be used to add to the excitement of backyard parties, provide background music on patios and decks, and be put in or near garages. They can be utilised both within and outside of public buildings, as well as inside stores. They can, of course, be used as surround speakers in home theatre systems.

Each speaker's bracket may be modified in a variety of ways, allowing for a wide range of installation options. With a 90° adjustment range, it may be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor, with either end facing up. It is possible to install them in almost any way the buyer desires.



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InPhase SP10.1 Speaker Cable - 5 Meters

- 10 Gauge speaker cable
- Sold by the meter
- Ideal for in car installations and home speakers

- High Quality Cables

QED Screwloc 4MM Banana 4 Plug 4 Pack

Good looking, high performance speaker cable connections. Twin screwlock connections provide a secure cable connection, and the gold plated plugs give the best possible connection. To help you keep track of connections the plugs are colour coded.
  • 4mm screw type banana plugs that you can easily fit yourself.

These plugs are sold as a pack of 4 and you will receive an equal amount of black to red (2 x red and 2 x black).


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