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The following links are provided for information only. No money is paid by any of the sites in this directory, it is merely a compilation of websites designed to provide useful information.

Although they have been carefully chosen and are considered useful and relevant resources, we do not make any guarantees about the accuracy of the content of these sites, nor the services which they provide.


BBC (British Broadcasting Company)

One of the best web sites in the world. Pretty much everything is here: news, information, technology, guides, programme details and on and on!

Channel 4

Lots of programming promotions, links to their other operations and a chat forum too.

Channel 5

The fifth terrestrial channel's page with pop-up adverts.

Classic FM

Composer guide and information about the most popular classical works as well as links to buy CDs, download ring tones and so on.
    Subscription free satellite television. The site details channels and services available.
    The free digital terrestrial television service. The site has information about the service, TV guides and articles.

ITV (Independent Television)

Portal for the ITV network in the UK. There are pop-up adverts on this site.


Welsh station's site - choice of two languages, with chartrooms, links and downloadable information files.

Sky Television

The broadcaster's website with programming information and links to all their channels, plus a news page.

Virgin Radio

With pop-up ads.
    A combined free television and catch-up TV service.

Information sites

Radio and Telly

Radio and Telly - for information on digital TV and radio in the UK

Digital Television

Official, commercial site of the UK's digital terrestrial service providers.

Formats & technologies

  3D Television
    Wikipedia entry on the history of 3D television.


Google's operating system for phones and tablets. A number of devices can be controlled through Android apps.
  AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition)
    Wikipedia entry on the high definition video format.
    Wikipedia entry on the high definition video disc format.
    Information about the wireless data transfer technology.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

The worldwide forum for Digital Radio. Also look at the BBC's DAB site as this may prove more relevant.
    Digital video format. The DivX website has software downloads and test videos.
  DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)
    The standard for connecting devices and streaming A/V content in the home.

Dolby Laboratories

The home of Dolby Noise Reduction and Dolby cinema sound on the web, plus everything you always wanted to know about "Dolby".

DTS (Digital Theatre Systems)

Informative site about this home cinema format with useful downloads and a software information database.
  FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
    A codec for losslessly compressing audio files. Find out more at its Wikipedia entry.
  HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
    Wikipedia entry for HDMI.
  MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III is probably still the most common format for digital audio files. Read more about it at its Wikipedia entry.
  PS3 Media Server
    Originally developed for the Sony Playstation 3, this media server software now works on several other platforms.

RDS (Radio Data System)

Wikipedia entry about the Radio Data System available on FM signals.


Lucasfilm's official THX home on the Internet - software, hardware and cinema information are all provided.
  Twonky Media Server
    Media server software that runs on most devices.
  USB (Universal Serial Bus)
    Wikipedia entry for the high speed data transfer standard.
  Windows Media
    Microsoft's page of information about Windows Media Player and other Windows Media technologies.

Internet Radio and streaming music :

    Music, video and apps for Apple devices and the iTunes software.
    Music streaming and internet radio service.
    Music streaming and internet radio service evolved from one of the original filesharing sites.


This popular music streaming service is compatible with many products.

Forums and magazine websites :

AV Forums

The daddy of all home cinema forums.


US based review site.

HiFi Choice

Lots of review reprints and content. Links, buyers' guide, forum and contacts page.

HiFi News & Record Review

Equipment and record reviews.

HiFi World

Buying guide, links and brief review summaries divided by category.

Home Cinema Choice

Review reprints, bulletin board, regularly updated news section - this site has a lot to see. Contains advertising.

Sound and Vision

Reviews and blogs on hardware and software, featured articles and news, regularly updated. Site contains advertising.

What HiFi

Reviews, forums and blogs. An informative site.

Online Vinyl suppliers:

Diverse Vinyl

E-tailer of vinyl records. Browsable catalogue and news.


Online supplier of DVDs (Region 1 & 2), music and games.

Simply Vinyl

180 gram special editions of classic albums.

Vivante Music

180 gram special editions of classic albums. Mmmm, nice.

Digital music suppliers:

    Buy music uploaded by the musicians who created it. Supports numerous audio formats.
    Sells albums in various digital formats as well as vinyl and CD.
    Classical music in FLAC format.
    Full Dynamic Range High Definition. Specialises in high quality, studio master grade audio.
    A sales platform for indie musicians.
    Primarily dance music in MP3 and WAV formats.

Linn Records

Studio master and CD quality music downloads.
  Society of Sound
    Run by Bowers & Wilkins. Subscribers get two studio quality albums every month to download, as well as access to the back catalogue.

Older formats and technologies:

Some of these formats and technologies are still catered for by new machines, whilst others have faded away.

We also call this the nostalgia section.


A loving guide to the format and the machines including many useful service guides, links for parts and repairs and an open forum. Also covers Betacam and U-matic formats.

DVD Audio

The Wikipedia entry for DVD Audio.


Wikipedia entry for the EPG system for analogue transmissions, available on a number of DVD/HD recorders and PVRs.

HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)

Wikipedia page about the high definition audio format.
    Wikipedia page about the high definition video disc format that lost the battle to Blu-ray.


Wikipedia entry about the MiniDisc format.

PDC (Programme Delivery Control)

Wikipedia entry for Programme Delivery Control.

SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc)

Wikipedia entry about the SACD format. has useful SACD information and a list of SACD titles.

Video Plus

Wikipedia entry about video recorder scheduling.
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