Out now: the fabulous Bose SoundSport Free in-ear headphones!

Bose SoundSport Free

‘True’ wireless headphones have come a long way since the first ones surfaced a few years back. Gone are the days of scratchy sound and frequent signal drop-outs, and with the recent launch of Bose’s SoundSport Free in-ears, it feels as though this no more tangles approach has well and truly come of age.

The sound is nothing short of what you’d expect from a product with those distinct Bose block capitals. Detailed, full-bodied audio, whatever the source, has long been synonymous with the brand, but the sub-par reputation of true wireless headphones up to this point would naturally invite scepticism. Nonetheless, they’ve pulled it off first time, outdoing many of their rivals who have already had several stabs at this genre of on-the-go audio.

Bose SoundSport Free

The SoundSport Free headphones are the perfect companion for any jogger or gym-goer. The StayHear+ Sport tips that come as standard give a firm, secure and comfortable fit, while their IPX4 rated design guarantees a thoroughly water and sweat-proof experience, whatever the season, indoors or out.

But they’ll also appeal to those of us who just want a tangle-free life while checking into our favourite podcasts or playlists. Obviously, there are plenty of other true wireless headphones on the market that can provide the same thing, but once again Bose have the edge, not just in terms of sound quality but also thanks to a feature called ‘Find My Buds’ on the Bose Connect app. This is a handy tool that will show where your misplaced headphones were last used and help you find them much quicker.

Bose SoundSport Free

Not that losing these ear-buds should be too frequent a problem, though, as they come with a sturdy carry-case that also serves as their charger, providing them with up to five hours of battery life at a time. What’s more, they also come in a varied range of colour-ways: plain Triple Black, stylish Midnight Blue & Yellow Citron, or the jazzier Bright Orange & Midnight Blue. Each has its own striking qualities, though we reckon the Bright Orange would stand out best in a cluttered gym bag.

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Our five tips for buying wireless headphones

  1. Make sure the headphones have the controls you need – play/pause, track skip, volume and so on – where you want them, and are instinctive to use.

  2. If there’s a dedicated app to control the sound or set up the headphones, as there is on some advanced models, check it’s compatible with your phone or tablet – some will only work with the most up-to-date versions of their operating systems, which older phones and tablets may not support.

  3. If you buy noise-cancelling headphones, check they have a talk-through function to allow outside sound in when you need it.

  4. Check that your wireless headphones can also be used with a cable if their battery runs out.

  5. If your headphones recharge using a USB cable, as most do, invest in a back-up battery pack or power bank. Buy the biggest capacity one you can afford, or fit in in your pocket/bag, and use it to recharge your headphones on the move. It’ll also recharge your phone, too, which is handy.

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