Speaker Stands

Placing your speakers on stands not only raises them to ear height, giving you improved focus and stereo imaging, but also decouples them from the ground giving a tighter, more controlled bass. And with the addition of spikes, stands can help isolate the sound and greatly reduce vibration, delivering a crisper sound. We have a large and varied selection of speaker stands available to suit all budgets. Need some more advice or information on which speaker stand is right for you? Give us a ring on 0330 320 8080 for professional and impartial advice.

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Atacama Moseco 5 Speaker Stands

Moseco speaker stands combine all the aesthetic and sonic Benefits of Bamboo with the adaptability, strength and stability of twin carbon steel poles. These poles consist of a 50mm front column and a 28mm rear column which features cable management.

Atacama Moseco 6 Speaker Stands

- What HiFi? Award winner
- Made from natural bamboo
- Twin carbon steel poles with cable management
- Complement most small to medium sized bookshelf speakers
- Can be filled with Atabites
- Come with adjustable M8 floor spikes

Atacama Moseco Top Plate Pack - Large

- 160mm x 220mm top plate pack for larger bookshelf speakers
- Compatiible with all Moseco speaker stands with the exception of the Moseco 10
- Made from 4mm carbon Steel
- includes 8 (4 per top plate) Mini Isolation Gel Pads
- 2 pack

Atacama Nexus Top Plate Pack

These optional top plate packs are designed to fit the Atacama Nexus speaker stands. If you have the Nexus stands but the supplied top plate is not suitable for your speakers, these top plate are for you.


Atacama Nexus-i Speaker Stands

- Award Winning design
- Cable management in rear support tube
- heavy gauge carbon steel tubes
- Isolation Gel pads included
- 145mm wide by 180mm deep top plate
- Up to 8.2KG of Atabites can be used per pair to achieve maximum sonic performance


IsoAcoustics GAIA III Threaded Isolation Feet

- Provides improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers and subwoofers
- Threaded into the base of the speaker or subwoofer to replace the existing spikes
- Includes thread adaptors for sizes M6-1.0, M8-1.25 and ¼”-20
- 4 pack quantity

JBL JS-120 Speaker Stands for L100 Classic (Pair)

- Designed for the L100 Classic speakers
- High quality steel constuction
- Low-profile stands sit the L100s at the optimal angle
- Improves the overall performance of the L100 speakers
- Also compatible with JBL 4312 versions E, SE & G
- 7cm height

Monitor Audio Apex Speaker Stands (Pair)

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- Dedicated floor stands for the Apex A10 speakers
- 916.50 height
- Internally wired
- Die-cast aluminium
- Availabe in black or white to match the Apex A10 speakers

Monitor Audio MASS Speaker Stands (Pair)

- Pre wired integrated cable management
- Positioning the speaker at the ideal height
- Available in black or white
- Sold in pairs
- Matching stands for the Monitor Audio MASS speakers


Monitor Audio STAND Speaker Stands (Pair)

- 60cm height (approx.)
- Adjustable chrome-plated spikes
- Bespoke materials used for each component of the stand
- 5 Year warranty included
- Designed for Monitor Audio’s Gold 100 and Studio loudspeakers, but its flexible fixing system allows any bookshelf speaker to be attached
- Available in a textured black or white
- Cable management built in to the rear of the stand


Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stands (Pair)

- Complement both the beauty and the ultimate sonic performance of the Concept 20 loudspeakers
- Gelcore construction cabinet system 
- Aesthetically pleasing and resonance-free floor stand
- Available in Gloss Black or Gloss White finishes


Q Acoustics Q3000FSi Speaker Stands

- Classic, stable triple upright design
- Acoustically damped columns
- Textured Satin Finish in black or white
- Designed to fit 3010i, 3020i and 3090Ci
- Speakers NOT included