Sony KD-55XH9505BU 55" 4K Smart TV (Android)

£1,199.00 + FREE DELIVERY
- Deeper blacks and lighter whites
- Powered by Android
- Works with Apple AirPlay and Alexa
- Smart TV featuring over 5000 apps including Netflix and YouTube
- Chromecast built-in
- Object-based HDR remaster
- Dolby Vision
- 4K upconversion
- Smoother pictures when watching fast moving images
- Dolby Atmos built in for true multi-dimensional sound

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Sony use the same powerful processor used in their 8K TV's in the new XH95 series. The processor analyses data boosing colour and contrast leading to better clarity and more detail for a further realistic picture with less blur.

It's no secret, we want the best and we want to see the best. With independantly-lit LED'S, Sony's Full Array LED panel gives us better contrast levels by making lighter areas lighter, and darker areas darker. Contrast is further enhanced by the X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO6 technology which adjusts brightness to work alongside the contrast levels giving us an even more life-like image.

Sony's unique features, the X1™ Extreme and 4K X-Reality™ PRO, precisely analyses and processes data using a unique database to enrich 4K images including textures and colours. In effect, we are seeing content being upconverted to life-like 4K resolution from Full HD and 2K.

When it comes to watching fast moving images such as football or Vin Diesel racing around the streets of Los Angeles, you need to know your TV can keep up with this demand! Some TV's in the market today still struggle with this and scenes go by as a blur. Sony's latest X-Motion Clarity™ technology ensures you have a smooth, bright and clear image, regardless of how demanding this is. Each 'blink' is individually controlled and its duration optimised.

Be part of the action with Dolby Atmos. You will hear sound from all around you including up above, giving you the ultimate multi-dimensional experience. You will also find the XH95 series boasts Voice Zoom, allowing you to clearly hear vocals without needing to turn the volume up. Whatsmore, this TV detects objects in the room such as curtains and picture frames in front of the screen, and optimises the sound accordingly. Making sure nothing gets in the way of you hearing the very best sound.

Although the picture is the most important factor when considering your next TV, we also have to make sure the TV itself will work in our environment. The XH95 Series shows off its slim and flush design with a discreet stand and ultra thin bezel, allowing you to see more of the picture with less distraction.

Overall, we are impressed with this Series. I know we say this each year, but Sony really have exceeded our expectations here and created something even better than before.
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