Sony KD-49X7053BU 49" 4K HDR Smart TV

- A simple 4K TV with exceptional picture quality
- Smart TV featuring over 5000 apps including Netflix and YouTube
- 4K upconversion
- Smart Plug & Play for easy connection of your mobile phone
- ClearAudio+ technology giving even better dialogue
- Wider colour pallette giving you more life-like images

Available from 01 April 2020




If you're looking for a TV that performs extremely well but doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles, it's hard to find! However, this is where Sony's X70 series comes into play. You will find all the top technology such as the X-Reality Pro, Triluminos Display and the ClearAudio+, but just without all the Android, Alexa and Google Home gadgets.

Sony's unique feature, the 4K X-Reality™ PRO processor, precisely analyses and processes data using a unique database to enrich 4K images including textures and colours. In effect, we are seeing content being upconverted to life-like 4K resolution from Full HD and 2K.

The X70 series panels use Triluminos Display technolgy, allowing you to see real, vivid pictures. Thanks to the wider pallette of colours, images are more realistic and bring everything to life.

Let's not focus too much on the image and steer our attention to the audio performance on this one. Sony panels boast a technology known as ClearAudio+, which automatically fine tunes your TV audio to give you an immersive experience. Dialogue has a greater presence for improved clarity, and soundtracks make you feel part of the action, intensifying your experience further.

When it does come to the gadgets, we all want it to have some to widen our viewing options. The X70 series comes with the essentials.... Netflix and Youtube. And to make it even easier to access these functions, Sony have put a handy little button on the remote control. One press of the button and it'll take you straight to the application. Enjoy your favorite clips and Netflix shows in 4K HDR. Netflix are continuing to add more 4K content in the coming months, so there is always going to be something new to look forward to. But it is worth noting at this point that you will need a premium membership to access this 4K content!

Although the picture is the most important factor when considering your next TV, we also have to make sure the TV itself will work in our environment. The X70 series shows off its slim and flush design with a well-structured stand and slim bezel, allowing you to see more of the picture with less distraction.

Our verdict? The power saving X70 series is an incredibly good TV with exceptional picture and sound quality. It has the essential smart features including Netflix and Youtube that are easy to access from the included remote control. If you have any content on your mobile phone or USB drive, you can easily plug this in to the TV to view on a large screen. So in reality, we have here a TV that does exactly what it says on the tin.... only better than you'd think! We know you will be impressed, just like we were.
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