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Product Features

Introduce yourself to the joys of Roksan turntable ownership, with the Roksan Attessa Turntable.


If you are looking for premium streaming technology, class-leading performance, beautiful industrial design then the Roksan Attessa Turntable is ideal for you. Designed and developed within the UK, in-house, the Attessa range combines the brilliantly complex sound of a class-leading hi-fi system with the ease and simplicity that most listeners desire. Connect with devices, and with the people around you, effortlessly.


Key Features


  • Designed, developed, and assembled in the UK
  • Brand new easy to set up Unipivot tonearm featuring a composite construction and glass jewel pivot for low effective weight
  • Dana cartridge fitted as standard
  • Digitally controlled electronic speed control
  • Class leading factory calibrated speed accuracy with a microprocessor-controlled amplifier driving the turntable motor
  • Built in Moving Magnet switchable phono stage (active/passive) designed in-house for no compromise plug and play
  • Premium build quality featuring an isolated single plinth design with a high mass platter constructed from weighted glass and bonded aluminium edge dampener
  • Xerxes inspired isolation feet and chassis design to ensure stable playback
  • Compact footprint
  • Bespoke removable lid to keep dust away when not in use
Roksan Attessa Turntable Black
£1,050.00 Includes free delivery
Roksan Attessa Turntable White
£1,050.00 Includes free delivery
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Plug and play. Then play it again and again. The Attessa Turntable features a Unipivot tonearm, created with computer-aided modelling by an electro-acoustic team – all to make your life simpler. No complex multi-axis design. No set-up issues. No hassle, just Hi-Fi.

The Attessa turntable is Roksan's newest spin on one of the oldest Hi-Fi technologies. The Unipivot tonearm is lighter and simpler to use, thanks to a composite construction and glass jewel pivot. With turntable speed controlled down to the microsecond by smart new technology, playback is true to the original. Switchable phono stage lets you plug and play, whatever kit you have, while the isolated plinth design and decoupled feet protect against unwanted vibrations. All in a compact footprint that fits seamlessly with the rest of the Attessa range.


Easy to use – Electronic speed control and built-in phono stage

Electronic speed control locks on to the precise speed required, giving perfect pitch. It’s also easy to change from 33 to 45; simply push a button, rather than having to change the belt from one pulley to another. The switchable, built-in phono stage makes it easy to connect the Attessa Turntable to any Hi-Fi or speaker system with an AUX input.

Isolated against vibrations for reduced distortion
Using isolation feet and chassis design inspired by Roksan’s flagship Xerxes model, the Attessa is well protected against surface vibrations. Controlling and dampening vibrations helps reduce distortion, letting you hear subtle detail in the music that might otherwise be missing.

Premium engineering for detailed sound quality
Designed, developed and assembled in the UK, the Attessa turntable offers premium build quality for its class. Featuring an isolated single plinth, high mass platter and electronically controlled motor, the turntable is built to make the most of your vinyl. Renowned for their high levels of resolution and true-to-life sound, Roksan turntables are amongst the best in the business.

Stylish design
With its compact footprint and crisp style, the Attessa looks good without intruding. Available in classic shades of matte black or white, it’s a timeless design that exudes quality.

Unipivot tonearm delivers accurate tracking
Featuring a composite construction and glass jewel pivot, the Unipivot tonearm introduces high-end design to its class. Unipivot tonearms offer lower levels of bearing friction, letting the tonearm track the record more freely. The result is tracking accuracy that reveals the full extent of the music buried in the record’s groove.

Ready to go - supplied with Dana MM cartridge
Supplied with the Roksan Dana cartridge, the Attessa Turntable is ready to, with no complex assembly required. The Dana cartridge perfectly matches the rest of the turntable’s sonic signature, with a highly resolved, vivid sound that digs out the detail from all your favourite tracks.


Dimensions and Weight


Including Lid

  • 43.2cm x 11.5cm x 35.3cm (W x H x D)


Excluding Lid

  • 43.2cm x 10.45cm x 35.3cm (W x H x D)



  • 6.3kg

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