Panasonic  SC-TMAX50EK Wireless Speaker System

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Product Features
  • Amazing Sound Pressure
  • Double 20cm Super Woofer / AIRQUAKE BASS
  • Amazing Function for Party
  • MAX Dance Illumination / Full Karaoke
  • Jukebox Request using MAX Juke App
  • Request songs using MAX Juke App


Wireless Speaker System SC-TMAX50

Empowering sound
Feel the beat move through your body. It’s all about the AIRQUAKE BASS. The robust bass resonance essential to the moment is even stronger with the unique Bass Reflex System.
Emotion you can feel
Move to an amplified bass sound that has a level you can physically feel. The unique structure of AIRQUAKE BASS in two woofers enables the TMAX50 to deliver powerful bass that keeps you going.
Immersive experience
Be transported to another moment in time – and let it rock. The powerful sound the TMAX50 blasts out through the two 20cm woofers is powered by twin amps each.
Go with the flow
Even when you are on the move, the TMAX50 can handle the motion of the moment. That’s because the compact body is rigid enough for going everywhere.
Let your voice be heard
Enjoy unforgettable duets with friends with the TMAX50. It has two mic jacks so you can plug in two microphones. A host of technologies make sure your voices sound amazing.
Be the life of the party
Show off your DJ talent with the Panasonic MAX Juke App* and turn any location into a dance floor with just a couple of taps. Your smartphone and the TMAX50 are all you need.
Get into the groove
Give any moment the perfect party atmosphere. MAX Dance Illumination delivers advanced lighting effects with a host of colours that sync with the music to reflect the emotion of every beat.

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