Panasonic DMR-PWT550EB Blu-Ray & HDD Recorder

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The DMRPWT550 from Panasonic combines a premium Blu-ray recorder with 4K upscaling for incredible ultra high definition imagery, wireless networking for access to streamed content or online sources along with a 500GB hard drive and twin Freeview HD tuners for simultaneous programme recording.

The DMRPWT550 features 4K upscaling to help deliver a full and rich ultra high definition picture from your discs, so you can enjoy the high performance of your new 4K screen, while 3D Blu-rays are handled with ease, taking you right into the action.

With a network connection, you can browse the internet and access a whole host of online resources such as Netflix and Amazon instant video. Additionally, the DMRPWT550 will operate as a DLNA-certified Player, accessing a Windows 7 or later PC via a wi-fi router, and giving you access to your collection of movies, photos and videos, while you can also wirelessly mirror the content from your personal device on your large screen television.

Panasonic also feature a Remote Recording Service, allowing you to search the TV guide and even set timer-recordings of your favourite TV programmes from your smart device, wherever you are.

Delivering crisp, detailed images along with great networking capabilities, the DMRPWT550 makes for a great 4K uspcaling Blu-ray player.

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