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Sadly this product is no longer available to buy. However, our team of experts can advise you on the best alternatives! Just call 0808 231 1806, use Live Chat, or email enquiries@superfi.co.uk

"This is a remarkable player which makes a solid case for the continued survival of CD in the face of downloads and rips - though its onboard DAC makes a fine job of them, too.", "A machine to make the most of your current collection, while future-proofing you against whatever may be on the way? It's something of a no-brainer, really". Gramaphone, November 2010.

"This excellent Audiolab CD player will deliver more for your music system than anything short of replacing your speakers". "The 8200CD player has an incredibly detailed sound that as a gloriously 'neutral' quality - reproducing music levels in the way they were originally intended to be heard. And provided you have a decent enough system to plug it into, it will tranform your set-up". BBC Music Magazine, April 2012 

The Audiolab 8200CD is a high end CD Player which delivers a pure and unfettered performance. It can also act as a stand-alone DAC - perfect for getting high-quality sound from computers or other devices with digital outputs.

The 8200CD has been built with both audio quality and versatility in mind. At its heart is the highly rated Sabre 32-bit DAC from ESS Technology and a clock-locked CD transport, creating an ultra-low jitter design. The results are easy to hear, the 8200 delivers a clean and detailed sound. There's also a choice of standard RCA/phono or XLR Balanced outputs which take advantage of the 8200's balanced circuit design.

Used as a stand-alone DAC (i.e. not using the integrated CD player) the 8200 also shines. It features two sets of both optical and coaxial digital inputs so multiple devices can be connected. There's also a USB input for direct connection to a computer, allowing you to bypass the usually inferior sound cards found in most computers and utilize the 8200's high-end DAC for superior sound. If you have a large computer-based music collection, the Audiolab will let you get the most from it. Uncompressed file formats such as FLAC will sound stunning and you'll even be able to control your computer's media player (such as Windows Media Player or iTunes) with the 8200's remote control.

The sound can also be tailored by using the four available filter settings which again can easily be selected using the remote control. Each subtly different setting may better suit the listener or a particular genre of music - great for tweakers.

Build quality is also top-notch. With a sturdy chassis and smart, chunky brushed aluminium fascia the 8200CD looks as good as it sounds. Its stylish and well laid out remote control complete the package.

Whether used as a full CD player or stand-alone DAC, the Audiolab 8200CD will deliver a breathtaking performance that you'll want to enjoy again and again.
DAC/Digital bitsESS Technology Sabre 32-bit 9018 DAC
Edit functionsRepeat (track, disc), track scan forward/backwards, skip forward/backwards
Finish Black or silver.
Format compatibilityCD, CD-R, CD-RW
Sockets Stereo line out (via 2 x RCA/phono, gold plated)
Balanced stereo output (via XLR connectors)
Optical digital output (via toslink)
Coaxial digital output (via RCA/phono)

2 x Coaxial digital input (via RCA/phono, support 24-bit/192kHz)
2 x Optical digital input (via toslink, support 96kHz)
USB input for direct audio connection from computers and remote control of computer media players (supports 24-bit/192kHz)

Infrared in/out for connection to compatible infrared remote control receivers/transmitters
Supplied accessories Remote control handset with batteries
W x H x D (mm) 445 x 75 x 330 (approx)
What Hifi Awards 2011                                                                               What Hifi Awards 2011
CD Player Product Of The Year

Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2011                                                                            HFC Awards 2011
"The Audiolab 8200CD represents state-of-the-art thinking in almost every area. Combining a high-performance DAC with clever adjustable filters, gives the Audiolab a sound that is both accurate and highly involving. Add digital inputs, including hi-res USB and you have a worthy winner".

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five Stars                                                             What HiFi 5 Stars
"Immensely capable." "Has the insight and dynamic reach to deliver complex works." "We don't think you can do better for the price."
Awards 2011

What Hifi Awards 2012                                                                               What Hifi Awards 2012
CD Player Product Of The Year: "One of hi-fi's true bargains." "Impresses straight out of the box." "A hugely impressive-sounding machine." "Has an open and immensely clear sound that delivers a terrific amount of insight."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five Stars                                                             What HiFi 5 Stars
"An impressive amount of precision." "A top-class player for the money."
November 2012

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five Stars                                                             What HiFi 5 Stars
Astonishingly good sound for the money; terrific DAC; superb build; nice remote control, "The Audiolab delivers a spellbinding sound that mixes insight, dynamics and fluidity better than we've ever heard at this price", "The amount of information it uncovers is astounding, but the really impressive thing is that all this detail is organised brilliantly, and never threatens to overshadow the music's message", "The 8200CD is an absolutely brilliant package for the money"

HFC Recommended HFC Recommended
"One of the finest CD players available; at £700 it’s simply a steal”, "Excellent detail, neutrality and communication", "If you're in the market at anywhere up, at least, a grand, the 8200CD could just be the piece of equipment that makes you want to say in the demo room, 'where's the cash register?'".
December 2010

What Hifi Awards 2010 What Hifi Awards 2010
"The 8200CD is as sonically detailed a player as we've heard at this price level. Take a listen to a densely populated album such as the Inception OST and the Audiolab will uncover a massive amount of detail", "Perhaps most impressive of all is its naturalness. It sounds organic in a way few digital products can, and is utterly convincing in the manner in which it delivers the nuances of a voice or the unfurling of an orchestral crescendo".
CD Player Product Of The Year

What HiFi Group Test Winner What HiFi Group Test Winner
"Brilliant in every way", "We reckon the onboard DAC alone would be worth something approaching £400 - astonishing considering the Audiolab already undercuts the Cyrus by £225. In fact, we reckon the 8200CD would still get five stars if it was priced at £1500".
December 2010

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Five Stars What HiFi 5 Stars
"The 8200CD manages to combine precision with natural, organic note degradation, dramatic dynamics and a smooth flow", "Immense detail and precision without losing fluidity; superb built-in DAC", "It was going to take something really special to beat the Awesome Cyrus CD6 SE, and Audiolab's 8200CD is it".
December 2010

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