Snooper DVR-WF1 Promotion At Superfi


This month we're doing another promo offer here at Superfi. We've switched things up and will now be offering customers who spend over £250 At Superfi a FREE Snooper DVR-WF1, the latest dash cam to come from Snooper, featuring full HD camera shooting at 30fps. It's a life-saving product that can prevent you from being involved in any unexpected events, and what's most admired from this product is that it's able to turn on straight away as soon as you get the ignition running. If you wish to learn more about this product then feel free to check out our recent product review where we talk about the benefits of the DVR-WF1 and go more in-depth about its features. 

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If you find yourself spending over £250 at Superfi then top that off by adding the code: SAFETY to claim a free pair of Snooper DVR-WF1s, but remember the DVR-WF1 must be in the basket when you wish to activate this code in order for it to work. If you require any need of help feel free to contact me via email on: [email protected].

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