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Monitor Audio Silver 7G Silver 100 Speaker Black Oak

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Product Features
  • New Monitor Audio Silver 7thGeneration Silver 100 speaker
  • Sleek reimagined design
  • Sold as a pair
  • 75cm x 34cm x 48.5cm (H x W x D)
  • 19kg
Monitor Audio Silver 7G Silver 100 Speaker Black Oak
£800.00 Includes free delivery
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Bookshelf speakers with floor standing like bass extension

Both the Silver 50 and Silver 100 have been designed to give the bass extension normally only possible from a floor standing design.

The Silver 50 7G is optimised towards low extension when placed close to a wall and is an excellent choice when space is a premium but sound quality is very important. In-Room it extends down to 47Hz at -6dB.

The Silver 100 7G is a full extension floor stander replacement, it has an in-room extension to 35Hz (-6dB) with a port tuning at 42Hz which is lower than a lot of floor standing loudspeakers. It also has the ability to be driven hard and loud while retaining control and comfort.


RST II Driver and Mid-range

New RST II driver design

Monitor Audio’s new RST II pattern has been evolved to give a more rigid profile with a new hexagonal dimpled structure, derived from the RDT II driver development of the Platinum II series.

RST II is more than just a pattern on the cone. It represents a collection of technologies, a new cone geometry profile that improves the performance of the driver at higher frequencies, an improvement to C-CAM technology and a glimpse at the underlying design elements that are not usually visible.

New RST II mid-range

Building on the work conducted for the Gold 5G series, Monitor Audio has developed a new mid-range for the Silver 7G series. The mid-range follows the same design aims: to improve directivity through the use of a compact design and to maximise the bandwidth of the driver to allow a smooth crossover with the tweeter. Cone & Surround geometry optimised together to damp the main cone resonance; combined with the Uniform Dispersion Waveguide the technology deliver higher performance from the full system. A new small diameter increases the bandwidth of the midrange driver making the crossover to the tweeter smoother and reducing distortion at 13kHz. This creates excellent directivity increasing the listening area. A new aluminium alloy has been selected for RST II which improves the hardness of the cone while still maintaining all the benefits of C-CAM technology . Together all this technology can be seen as RST II – an optimised cone geometry with a hexagon reinforcement pattern that delivers smooth and low distortion midrange.


New C-CAM tweeter design

  • A New ring magnet structure with increased linear excursion.
  • The rear side of the surround is vented around the outside of the magnet structure and into the main chamber to reduce a build-up of energy.
  • Improved surround damping smooths the high frequency performance.
  • Securely mounted tweeter using single bolt through technology ensures the tweeter chassis cannot resonate.


Uniform Dispersion Waveguide

Building on the Uniform Waveguide in Bronze 6G this new development adds a compression ring above the surround and dome (Blue) increasing the tweeters sensitivity above 10kHz. The increased sensitivity helps to flatten the frequency response whilst also reducing the distortion.

The waveguide geometry, although similar to Bronze 6G, has been optimised to work with the new compression ring. This means when comparing the two on the left there are significant differences.

Altogether, this results in reduced distortion across the entire operating band when compared to both Silver 6G & Bronze 6G. Reduce distortion will mean the speaker are more comfortable to listen to and will go louder.


There are four venting holes positioned under the surround to allow pressure to escape into the rear chamber. This reduces ripples in the frequency response leading to a true more natural sound. Vented pressure relief through the magnet structure works with the large rear volume to reduce the domes fundamental resonance allowing more control of the crossover region.


All new sleek design features

The 2021 Silver 7G series hosts a wide range of colour variations to choose from. From Satin White to Natural Walnut. This new series features New Real Wood Veneers! Natural Walnut and Ash are both all-natural wood lighter than previous series. This enables the grain to be more visible and allows for easier colour matching.

New tweeter trims host the perfect balance between looks and practicality. The trims match beautifully with the cabinet finished, whilst the Tweeter protection dispersion pattern has evolved to involve more open space. To increase durability, this part is now manufactured using premium stainless steel. The Silver Series 7G is the first Monitor Audio product to use our new logo and brand identity. New grilles have been developed to give a clear brand resemblance with the Gold Series as well as a neat aesthetic when combined with the Silver AMS 7G.

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