Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Floorstanding Speakers

£1,000.00 + FREE DELIVERY

- Transient response and tighter bass thanks to the HiVe II port technology
- Silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling
- Two-and-a-half-way, three-driver configuration
- High-quality crossovers
- Floorstanding speakers, rear ported
- 5 year warranty included
- 150w handling







“Incredibly fast and responsive. Expressive and fun. Flexible with positioning”
- What Hi-Fi 5 Star Review, August 2017

The Silver 200 floorstanding speakers from Monitor Audio effortlessly blend audiophile performance with a sleek, slimline appearance.

Designed for modern living

The 200s are part of an exquisite range of three floorstanding speakers (made up of the Silver 300 and the Silver 500) from Monitor Audio. While the 200 is the most compact of the three, it’s no slouch when it comes to performance. Delivering amazing drive and incredible musicality, it lets you enjoy your music and films with convincing realism.

Dynamic engineering

Designed to offer tonal balance even when placed close to a wall, the 200s offer versatility with reliably powerful performance. It’s one of many reasons it won a What Hi-Fi award in 2017. The Silver 200s feature:
- Monitor Audio’s iconic gold tweeter
- 2.5-way driver design with a pair of 13cm C-CAM drivers
- Six finishes to fit seamlessly and stylishly into your home

Their design is further enhanced by a Dynamic Coupling Filter (DCF), which connects the voice coil to the cone to reduce distortion and increase sound clarity. Serious about sound, Monitor Audio also utilised a precision laser scanner from the National Physical Laboratory to ensure optimum positioning of internal bracing within the cabinets.

Thanks to powerful delivery and detail, Monitor Audio’s Silver 200 perform beautifully as both stereo speakers and as part of an immersive home cinema set-up.

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