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Monitor Audio Monitor 200 5.0 Home Cinema Speaker System


- 5.0 Home Cinema Speaker System
- 1 Pair Of Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers
- 1 Pair Of Monitor Audio Monitor 50 Rear Speakers
- 1 Monitor Audio Monitor C150 Centre Speaker

Optional Subwoofer Available - Please Contact Us For More Information 





The System :


Monitor 200 Speakers


The slim Monitor 200s are the smallest floorstander in the range and are designed to deliver a stunning sound in small to medium-sized rooms. They have all the precision of a two-way speaker, with the addition of an extra bass driver for scale and power.

Two 51/2" MMP II drivers combine to provide powerful, punchy bass lines. The mid-driver is crossed over to the black C-CAM tweeter higher up in frequency, resulting in perfect phase.

The Monitor 200s are equipped with outrigger feet that give a sleeker appearance, take up less floor space and improve the stability of the speaker.


Monitor C150 Centre Speaker


The Monitor C150 centre speaker is ideal for cabinet or shelves. The sealed enclosure ensures it can be positioned up against a wall without any detrimental effects to the performance.

The twin 51/2" MMP II drivers work perfectly in tandem to give precise clarity and intelligibility to movie dialogue presentation. This speaker takes any system’s performance to the next level.


Monitor 50 Speakers


The Monitor 50's modern square cabinets complement the 51/2" MMP II drivers and 25 mm black C-CAM tweeters. By placing the tweeters in the top corner of the speakers, Monitor Audio has been able to reduce the size of the cabinet and give a unique appearance.

The compact dimensions, driver technology and rear port allow the speakers to perform in the most confined locations. As the cabinet is rear-ported, the output is well damped and is suitable for placement close to a wall. A single set of high-quality gold plated binding posts provides the connections for a suitable amplifier. The Monitor 50s certainly sound bigger than they look.

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