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Monitor Audio IA40-3 Discreet Amplifier

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Product Features

- Discreet design for tucking away behind a TV using vesa mounting
- Included brackets allow installation on a wall, cabinet or behind a TV
- Can be used to drive small bookshelf speakers such as the Q3010i Mass satellites plus in ceiling and in wall
- 1 x Optical input, 1 x Aux input and Bluetooth
- Perfect for smaller environments such as office, kitchen, study, bedroom etc


The Monitor Audio IA40-3 is a discreet amplfier boasting a digital (optical) and an anaologue (aux) input alongside Bluetooth®  for easy streaming from a bluetooth enabled device.

The included bracket and fixings allow this amplifier to be easily installed and positioned on a wall, a stand or cabinet or on the back of a TV using the vesa mounting.

Designed with the owner of a smaller room in mind, the compact IA40-3 will easily drive in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in your bedroom, study, office or kitchen as an example. Delivering 40w (over 3 channels) or 60w (over 2 channels), this amplifier will give plenty of controlled power giving you crystal clear sound imaging and a lively performance. A perfect pairing for this installation amplifier would be with the matching Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers such as:

- Apex 10
- Mass satellite speaker

If you are wanting to use the IA40-3 with a TV, the included handy bracket allows easy installation to the back of the panel for ultimate discreetness! It will easily drive a pair of stereo bookshelf speakers which can be sat at the side of the TV on a shelf, stand or bracket. But it will also drive a passive soundbar such as the ones in the Monitor Audio range.

If extra bass is required, an active subwoofer can be connected to the IA40-3 via the sub/line out. Whatever the audio source, this is an amplifier with all the right connections. The IA40-3 features optical and analogue inputs and the latest Bluetooth® wireless technology, powered by Qualcomm® aptXTM Audio, to allow easy and superior pairing with mobile devices. The IA40-3 has been designed to be discreetly tucked away and its unique heatsink fin allows cooling in the tightest of spaces.

Designed for modern living, the IA40-3 is Monitor Audio’s versatile solution when superior sound is required in custom install projects.

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