Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio Gold W12 Subwoofer

£2,310.00 + FREE DELIVERY

In-Store Only Product

- 600 W power output
- 12" long-throw driver
- Monitor Audio’s Automatic Position Correction (APC) system
- Night mode
- Top cabinet controls for easy access
- Preset modes (flat, music, movie)
- 5 year warranty included








The Gold W12 is the dedicated subwoofer in the Gold series. From the crashing down Jaeger in Pacific Rim, to the rumble and roar of the thunder in Twister, to the explosion in just about every film out there... it's all yours for the taking with the Gold W12 subwoofer. Of course this is all made possible by the 12" long-throw driver which is reinforced by a pair of Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABR) and powered by 600 W of Class D amplification. All this combined gives you the ultimate experience in your very own front room.



The Gold W12 has a number of presets (flat, music and film) and fine-tuning options that are easily accessible from the top of the unit itself. Thank's to Monitor Audio's very own Automatic Position Correction technology, the subwoofer can work out where in the room it has been placed and adapt accordingly to be fully optimised into your environment/space.

Overall, the Gold W12 is just as capable of delivering all the music and harmonic detail of a kettle drum to the earth-shattering power of a volcanic explosion. It will adapt to any room positioning and lets face it.... it looks incredible! This is an in-store only product, please give your local store a call and arrange a demonstration to see for yourself.

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