Monitor Audio Bronze FX Speakers (Pair)

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The Monitor Audio Bronze FX 6G are surround dipole speakers with switchable dispersion which allows them to be optimised for different surround sound layouts.

The FXs are compact wall mounting speakers which can be switched between direct and ambient sound modes. They feature a 140mm bass/mid-range driver and two 25mm tweeters, which utilise cones made of C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium), a material originally developed for jet engine components. The sound is detailed and clean, as the cones' characteristics eliminate distortion and the bass/midrange driver is fastened with a single bolt, which cuts the vibration transmitted by it to the cabinet.

With stylish design, innovative features and great music performance the Monitor Audio Bronze FXs are good looking speakers which produce great surround sound.

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