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AKG is a company that prides itself on professional quality audio equipment, which will feel as at home in the recording studio as it will in your front room. AKG are world renowned for their headphones, which provide some of the best bang for buck in the field for the producer (of everything from hip-hop to indie rock) on a mid-sized budget. The brand has won countless awards for both their consumer and professional headphones, not only for their tech, but for their effortlessly cool designs, so if you go for a pair of AKGs, you won’t only be getting top quality sound, but top quality looks!

The company itself was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1947 by physicist Dr. Rudolf Görike and engineer Ernst Pless. Originally named Akustische und Kino-Geräte (or Acoustic and Cinema Equipment in English), the company began life as a supplier of audio equipment for cinemas, but began to expand its business as the musical revolution began to take hold. It was with the creation of the D12 microphone in 1953 that AKG first achieved international fame, setting the standard for global voice transmissions as the world's first dynamic cardioid microphone, meaning that it was the go-to microphone for radio stations and recording studios around the world. To this day, variations of the D12 are still used in many recording studios, and the D112 large diaphragm dynamic mic (affectionately known by producers as the “Egg” due to its unconventional shape) has become the standard for bass drum recording, due to its low-frequency response and famous durability.

It was in the late 50’s that the company produced their first set of headphone; the classic K50 model, which was the first supra-aural, open-back pair on the market. It was throughout the 90’s, however, after the brand was acquired by the American company Harman International Industries, that the brand started to look beyond its flagship models and experiment with a variety of more eclectic and specific designs. Chief amongst these famous designs were the AKG K240 headphones, which are constantly rated as some of the best general studio monitor headphones for beginners, even to this day.

Today, the company are still amongst the most celebrated headphone and microphone manufacturers in the world, and here you’ll find a healthy selection of the most popular and celebrated modern AKG headphones, all at incredibly tempting prices. Simply put, if you’re looking for a new set of cans that you could use to not only create an incredible mix, but to actually enjoy listening to it, you couldn’t ask for more than a pair of AKGs.

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