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Roth is a small, British company, but its products and its reputation are anything but. Having only been on the scene for just under a decade, the brand prides itself on being “All about the music,” and specialises in modern products for a modern audience. The first Roth product to hit the market was the Cocoon MC4 amplifier dock, which immediately won fans thanks to its sleek, ergonomic design, affordability and superior tech. That first success acted as a launchpad for the brand, who have now cemented themselves as the affordable audio company you won't be ashamed to admit you love more than the boutique brands your friends declare you should be offering your affections to.


A staple of the Roth design principle (besides their high quality and great value) is that they intend their products to be seen not just as portals into a world of superior sound (though they very much are this of course), but as design pieces that look and feel as good as your favourite pieces of furniture. Every Roth product is designed to look good, and to compliment your home's décor and your personal tastes. This is gear that looks smart, smarter perhaps than equipment worth more than double the asking price.


They also aspire to be so easy to use that even your grandparents could pick them up, plug them in and be ready to go without a second's thought. The idea is to use the latest technology not to show off, but to make the products more approachable and flexible. They do this by incorporating all of the latest tech, but off-setting the potential learning curves associated with this tech with an operating system that even a child could use. The result is a front-end designed to work with you, not against you, and this is true in all of their products, from their award-winning speakers to their gorgeous digital radios.


Roth is still a young brand, but it has already gained a supportive following and some incredible plaudits from the press. Of particular note is their range of Sound bars, which, for very little outlay, could give your home cinema setup the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. You won't need a full 5.1 stereo setup with one of these puppies sitting under your television, trust us. In fact, it's in home cinema that the brand really shines, offering stunning clarity when it comes to dialogue and sound effects, as well as music. Don't let the affordability fool you, this is serious gear for serious audiophiles and you'd be a fool for passing them up just because they currently lack the name recognition of the big boys. Hey, everybody has to start somewhere right? So why not get in on the ground floor?

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