JBL’s founder helped motion pictures speak. From then on, they've been continuously advancing the science of high-fidelity sound reproduction, right on up to and including Synthesis Ultra.

1943  Flat-wire milling and high-speed winding of ribbon-wire voice coils developed.

1954  JBL introduces the model 375 high-frequency compression driver. This is the first commercially available 4? diaphragm driver, producing flat response to 9kHz.

1962  JBL produces the first two-way studio monitor to use a high-frequency compression driver with acoustic lens.

1973  JBL unveils the first four-way studio monitor series, the 4300s.

1983  JBL is selected by Lucasfilm to develop the first commercial THX®-licensed cinema speaker system.

1993  JBL develops new “rapid flare” low-distortion compression drivers and a matching family of horns.

Today JBL are still world leaders in manufacturing speakers...

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