Headphone Amplifiers

When you’ve invested in a pair of high-quality headphones, you’ll naturally want to make sure they sound their best. Headphone output ports or sockets on the majority of amplifiers or computers aren’t optimised for sound quality, often designed around a simple PCB. In order to recoup this loss in quality, a headphone amplifier drives the sound from your device or amplifier to your headphones allowing you to get the best sound possible - the difference in quality is simply staggering and has to be heard to be believed.


The key advantage to headphone amps is their ability to drive headphones much better than any in-built amplification included in most products and portable audio players. The improved amplification and improved power results in greater volume, dynamics, presence and soundstage.


No audiophile Hi-Fi setup is complete without a quality, dedicated headphone amplifier that can get the best performance and sound quality from your headphones. We also stock portable headphone amplifiers for getting the best sound from your phone or portable player when on the move. Whilst many headphone amplifiers have been designed with a range of headphones, some may be specifically designed to work best with specific models. A key consideration is impedance, which means the amount of power your headphones need to reach their full potential. Matching the impedance of your headphone amp to your headphones is therefore crucial for the best sonic performance.

Not sure which headphone amplifier is right for you or need assistance in matching your headphones with the right amp? Contact our knowledgeable team for friendly, knowledgeable advice.

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