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Chord Poly Wireless Music Streamer

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DTS-HD is a system for delivering extremely high-quality multi-channel audio. It takes advantage of the larger capacity afforded by formats such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, delivering sound quality which DTS claim is equal to the studio master recording. It does this using lossless encoding which, unlike many existing formats, ensures that there is no reduction in audio quality. It can support any number of audio channels, although when used on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs, is specified to support up to 8 channels (7.1) of digital audio.

DTS-HD can be carried from a compatible player via an HDMI cable. AV receivers with DTS-HD decoding receive the signal via HDMI, along with the video signal. Such receivers provide the decoding and amplification of the signal, whilst passing the video signal on to the display via an HDMI output.

DTS-HD signals output from a player are backward compatible with AV receivers that feature standard DTS decoding - you will enjoy the highest quality signal your AV receiver is capable of decoding from a DTS-HD source. In addition, some players feature built-in DTS-HD decoders, providing the benefits of superior fidelity with existing AV receivers.

Further reading: DTS HD web page.

DTS-HD Master Audio


Manufacturer: Chord Electronics

- Streamer for the Chord Mojo
- 9 Hour playback via the internal battery
- Long range Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth/AirPlay
- Micro SD Card storage
- Roon endpoint

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