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Chord Mojo with FREE Case *Worth £69.90*


Chord Mojo

- 8 hour battery life
- Micro USB input
- Coax and Optical input
- 2 X Headphone outputs
- Supports 800Ω headphones

Chord Mojo Hard Case

- Specially for the Chord Mojo
- Securely cradles the Mojo device
- Included hand strap
- Open ended design for easy access to inputs/outputs
- Geniune leather
- Soft microfibre inner
- Magnetic clasp





Enjoy the power of the Chord Mojo, and to keep it safe, with this great bundle.

1 x Chord Mojo headphone amplifier and DAC


Best DAC £300 -£500

"It can convey power and scale when the music requires, but also has the finesse to make the most of the subtler passages too."

- What Hi-Fi, 2018

Chord Electronics bring true studio quality audio to your headphones wherever you are with the award-wining Mojo headphone amplifier and DAC.

Shortened from 'Mobile Joy', the Mojo uses unique technology not seen in other portable audio products to provide high-resolution music on the go through your smartphone. Ultra-compact and portable, the Mojo has a simple design based on Chord's award-winning Hugo that can fit easily into a pocket. A simple choice of three buttons makes using the Mojo a quick and easy task so you can carry on with what's important. 

With a vast amount of high-resolution music now available through services such as Tidal and Onkyo's HF player, the Mojo brings the most expressive sound to any headphones, more so than the built-in DAC and amplifier in your smartphone could manage. The Mojo has the ability to deliver an incredible dynamic sound in all regular and hi-res music formats including DSD 256 and even files up to an amazing 768kHz transporting you directly to the artist's studio.

Usable with up to two pairs of headphones so you and a friend can enjoy the same musical experience, the Mojo has a choice of three fully automatic inputs: Micro USB, Optical and 3.5mm mini jack. Each input offers high-resolution compatibility with the device even coming with a supplied Micro USB to USB to connect and listen through your computer or laptop as well as smart device. Highly portable, the Mojo uses the best in Li-Po battery technology to provide up to ten hours of continuous high-resolution playback reaching a full charge in as little as 4 hours.

The easy to control design of the Mojo allows you to cycle through a colour-coded range of frequency and volume levels by using the clearly marked light-up buttons on the edge of the unit starting at red for a 44.1kHz CD-quality all the way to DSD represented as white. 

The perfect boost for any music lover who wants to experience the best their music has to offer, with the multi award-winning Chord Mojo, even your audiophile headphones now reach an even higher level of excellence.

1 x Chord Mojo Carry Case

Protect your Chord Mojo from scratches and accidents with this specially designed case.

The case is made from a strong, soft polyurethane material with a microfibre which will hold your Mojo snugly. The case is wrapped in leather wrap with a neat Mojo decal. Fastening is secure, with a double catch and a series of magnets, keeping everything in place, even when dropped from your pocket. For security and convenience, there's also a removable hand-strap to help you grip onto your Mojo.

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