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Our Derby store is located on Sadlergate, and offers a large selection of audio-visual entertainment devices and accessories. We take pride in offering the best prices and a selection of high quality items for Derby’s audiophile population. We are constantly reviewing and updating our in-store clearance range based on local demand. You will find a good selection of discounts that are exclusive to the Derby store, with special offers on speakers, headphones, amps, accessories and more. If you are an audiophile who enjoys picking up great deals on entertainment kit, we recommend that you call into the store on a regular basis, or watch the Derby Store Clearance page on the Superfi website. Whether you are a cinema enthusiast, music lover or DJ we are confident that we will have some deals that will appeal to you. When you visit the Derby Superfi store you will have the chance to get your hands on some of the latest and best value entertainment systems and accessories, and in some cases you may be able to get a demo of the product, to hear for yourself the sound quality. Our team of advisors is always on hand to answer questions about the range of products that we stock, as well as to offer advice about which products will suit your needs and be compatible with your existing set-up. We are happy to offer advice the pros and cons of different technologies, and offer basic tips to help you get started with your new audio-visual entertainment.
Superfi Derby - 22 Sadlergate, Derby, DE1 3NL. Tel: 01332 360303 Email:
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