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Choosing a good pair of headphones can be quite a challenge. You need to think about the style, fit, weight, durability, and the quality of the sound that the headphones produce as well as the connector type. What works well as a pair of headphones for listening to music from your Hi-Fi at home may not be appropriate for listening to your I phone on your commute.

The fit of the earphones is something that often comes down to personal preference. Some people find that in-ear headphones suit them best because they are light, small, and cut out any distracting background noise when they are inserted into the ear. Some people find that over the ear binaurals are preferable because of their snug fit, while others prefer closed back or open back cans.

A good pair of closed back headphones will offer a comfortable and immersive audio experience, and is ideal for both at-home use, and as a pair of travel headphones for long airplane journeys. The thicker, stronger wires on this kind of headset compared to the wires offered on most in-ear headphones means that they will last far longer, even if they are used on a daily basis, without cracks or kinks causing lasting damage to the wire.

We sell a selection of closed back and open-back headphones, as well as in-ear headphones and accessories. Choose from a range of brands including the high-fidelity and luxurious Sennheiser, the robust and budget-friendly Pioneer, and the luxurious Goldring, with their noise-cancelling portable headphones. Whatever you plan on listening to, and whatever device you plan to use, we believe you will find the perfect product in our range.
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