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Choose from a selection of high quality cables, interconnects and cabling accessories for all of your audio-visual needs. At Superfi we have a range of speaker cables, video signal cables, analogue leads and interconnects, HDMI cables and video signal cables to choose from, as well as switching boxes, adaptors and more.

The right cabling solutions can make a big difference to the sound quality that your system produces. High quality cables have stronger wires, better insulation, are less susceptible to interference, and have connectors that are made of highly conductive materials to ensure the best signal integrity as well as good frequency response. Lower-gauge wires are generally better than thinner wires, especially if you will be running cables over a long distance, because they will help to prevent signal degradation.

Today, more and more devices rely on HDMI for both audio and video. HMDI does not compress audio signals, which means that you can use them for true digh-def surround sound. These are the only digital cables which can transmit the latest standards such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD. If your entertainment system supports HDMI, then it is a great choice, especially since digital signals are less vulnerable to interference than analogue signals.

We have cables from a wide selection of brands including AudioQuest, Chord, and more. If you aren’t sure which cables to buy, give our advice team a call. They would be happy to discuss your needs with you, and explain the benefits and downsides of each type of cable based on the set-up you plan to use it in.

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