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Our range of speakers includes Hi-Fi speakers, home cinema sets, subwoofers, soundbars, wireless speakers and desktop PC speakers as well as stands and other accessories. Choose from a selection of popular brands at a range of price points, including Yamaha and Wharfedale.

Finding the right speakers for the job can sometimes be a challenge. Our selection includes 5.1 speaker systems, active speakers with docks for iPhones and iPods, desktop PC speakers, mini system speakers, installation speakers, TV soundbars and bases, wireless speakers, real-wood speakers and even outdoor speakers.

In addition to the speakers themselves, we offer a selection of brackets and stands for secure mounting. Positioning your speakers appropriately is important, especially with 5.1 and above surround sound, where the location of the speakers relative to the listener makes a big difference to the cinematic experience.

A high quality speaker set made by Yamaha, Onkyo or Wharfedale will offer an amazing listening experience. Choose from single speakers, or sets ranging from 5.1 channel up to 7.1 for a 360-degree sound experience with audio that covers the whole rage.

If you are not sure what set will best suit your needs, give our team of experts a call on our freephone number, 0808 231 1806, for professional, impartial advice. We are always happy to discuss your needs, and offer a 14-day guarantee so you can try the speakers in your home. We are confident that you will enjoy the clear, crisp sound offered by a high quality set of speakers.

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