Classic Beatles Album Covers Recreated by Apple

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In 1968 the Beatles founded Apple Records, a record label intended as a creative outlet for the Beatles. This got us wondering, what if Apple Records and Apple Computer were the same thing? To answer this question we’ve restyled some iconic Beatles vinyl as if they were designed by Apple. If you've got a vinyl player, would you add these to your collection?

With the Beatles (1963)

The second studio album to be released by the Beatles, ‘With the Beatles’ features eight original tracks and six covers and reached chart position number 1. The original cover with photograph by Robert Freeman features Lennon, Harrison, McCartney and Starr in an unusual arrangement to fit the square cover, with strong, moody shadowing. So what do you think of Jobs, Wozniack, Espinoza and Scott?

With the Beatles cover as if designed by Apple

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

Moving on to the third studio album, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ features some of the Beatles most famous songs and has often been cited as one of the greatest albums of all time. The cover featured a fun set of portrait shots of each band member arranged in small squares. A little bit like icons, some say…

A Hard Day's Night Cover as if designed by Apple

Help! (1965)

The fifth British release by the Beatles was Help!, which includes the song ‘Yesterday’ which is the most covered song ever written. The idea behind the cover was band members spelling out ‘help’ in semaphore, but the end result was a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement of letter shapes. What do you think Steve Jobs was trying to say? Think Different, perhaps.

Help! as if designed by Apple

The White Album (1968)

This self-titled album has come to be known as ‘The White Album’ due to its strikingly simple cover. Simplicity. Lack of complication, distilling ideas to their essence. Reminds us of something else… Oh yes, Apple.

The Beatles White Album as if designed by Apple

Abbey Road (1969)

The Abbey Road cover features the Beatles on a zebra crossing, an image that has become one of the most famous album covers in recording history. It has often been imitated and re-created. So what would Apple bring to this iconic image?

Abbey Road as if designed by Apple


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