Is There a Formula for Creating the Perfect Movie?

Is it possible to make the perfect movie? 

We wanted to see if it was possible to come up with a blueprint for the perfect film; something that would be a hit with viewers all around the world and therefore achieve a top score on - the Internet Movie Database. 

Would our research and recommendations make for a better film than the likes of The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather films or Batman: The Dark Knight? 

Perfect movie blueprint

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Do you agree with the choices that have been presented from the data? Would Di Caprio be your main man? We're sure this film would look great on one of our 4k TVs! Bring it all together with amazing sound from surround sound speakers or sound bars and you'll have the full cinematic experience!

To produce this infographic, we used a wide variety of publically available data. The majority of this came from, but we also took data from Wikipedia, and, which helps populate IMDB. 

The top 250 list on IMDB may be skewed due to males being "10 times more likely to vote on IMDB than women", meaning this film may be a bigger hit with men than women, but who knows? 

There is also an interesting amount of discussion relating to the lack of female participation in movies, which you can read more on in this post

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