How Music Affects Productivity [Infographic]

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This infographic has been created using data and information collated and analysed by Sparring Mind

Music can have a strong effect on everything we do in life; whether this be lifting a mood, helping us to relax, improving our motivation at the gym or otherwise.

Common debate around the workplace is whether to have the radio on, or which station to have on. Well, thanks to research, the debate can now be settled - depending on what kind of environment you work in.

Music Productivity Infographic

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If you're doing repetitive tasks at work, such as working on the production line or in a factory, then listening to your favourite songs can lead to a huge increase in effiency due solely down to the fact your mood will be more positive. 

However, if you're required to be learning new information, music is best cut off altogether - so there's never an excuse for students to say they work best with the TV or radio on again. 

Music can help spark creativity, but listening to songs that you haven't heard before that include lyrics is a bad idea, as your mind is much more likely to wander as you listen along - whether this be intentional or not. 

Use the infographic we've created above to decide whether your current task or job would benefit or be hindered when listening to music, and let us know how you'd be affected in the comments below. 

If you want to read more of the work put together by Sparring Mind's Gregory Ciotti then you can do so at his blog:

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