Audio Pro Multi Room

Browse the range of multi room devices from Audio Pro. Have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Everybody can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer or NAS in your network, or music on your phone.

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play, set to left/right for stereo pairs. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

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Audio Pro Addon A10 Wireless Multiroom Speaker

- 52w amplifier
- Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay plus more
- Bluetooth & Wi-fi enabled
- Audio Pro Multiroom
- Convenient size


Audio Pro Addon C Sub Wireless Multiroom Subwoofer

- 200w amplification
- Wi-fi & RCA input
- Add to your existing Audio Pro Multiroom devices
- Bottom ported subwoofer
- Wireless Auto Connect for simple setup
£399.95 £349.99

Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

- Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
- 80w amplifier built in
- Subwoofer output
- Audio Pro Multiroom enabled
- Apple AirPlay, Spotify, Tidal, plus more
- Stream from a record player connected to another device

£299.99 £270.00

Audio Pro Addon C3 Wireless Multiroom Speaker

- Battery operated with up to 15 hours playback
- 25w amplfication
- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- Spotify, Apple AirPlay plus more...
- Audio Pro Multi-Room enabled

£249.00 £205.00

Audio Pro Addon C5 Wireless Multiroom Speaker

- 40w amplification
- Subwoofer output
- USB charge port
- Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay plus more
- Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth
- Audio Pro Multiroom enabled

Audio Pro Addon C5A Multiroom Speaker with Alexa

- Alexa voice controlled (far field microphone)
- 40w amplification
- Subwoofer output and USB output for charging
- Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth
- Audio Pro Multiroom enabled
- Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay plus more


Audio Pro Drumfire Wireless Multiroom Speaker

- 300w amplification
- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
- Audio Pro Multiroom
- Wrapped in Faux Leather
- Subwoofer output
- LOUD! Can be grouped into a stereo pair
- Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay plus much more...

£699.00 £598.00

Audio Pro Link 1 Wireless Multiroom Adapter

- Turn your existing audio system into an Audio Pro Multiroom zone with this adapter
- 3.5mm stereo and TOSlink optical output
- AirPlay®, Spotify Connect plus more
- Wi-Fi and Ethernet input
- Supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Apple Lossless

£99.95 £89.00