40 to 45'' Televisions

Check out our range of 40 inch to 45 inch televisions. Choose your television depending on your needs and the size of your living space. There is an optimum size for your viewing pleasure, based on your distance from the TV and also the format of the output alters this as well i.e. whether you watch in standard definition, HD or even 3D. The benefit of a higher definition image also allows for a larger screen size without a noticeable decline in quality. Need help choosing a TV? Give us a ring on Freephone 0800 014 8352 for professional and impartial advice.
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Panasonic TX-40FS503B 40" LED HD TV

This entry-level 40 inch LCD TV by Panasonic boasts a beautiful HD picture quality thanks to it's adaptive backlight dimming in conjunction with bright panel technology. When it comes to features, this TV is also armed with the latest in smart networking and content sharing features alongside USB HDD recording and built in FreeviewPlay.

Panasonic TX-40GX700B 40" 4K LED TV

Slim meets sharp on Panasonic's 2019 range of 4K televisions. The GX700 series will give you a clean and precise image whilst providing you with all the essential smart apps allowing you access to the most popular video streaming services, all at the touch of a button.

Panasonic TX-40GX800B 40" 4K UHD LED TV

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The GX800 series features much of Panasonic's best technology at a great price. This slimline model utilises a HCX picture processor and HDR Bright Panel Plus to give you the clearest and sharpest 4K HDR image, whilst it's built in Dolby Atmos support will put you right in the centre of every epic adventure, all from the comfort of your own home.

Panasonic TX-43E302B 43" HD LED TV

Delivering fantastic value for money. This entry-level LED TV by Panasonic boasts a beautiful HD picture and a digital Freeview HD tuner. The Picture quality on the E302 series is above others at this price point, showing off vibrant colours and precise images. You'll also benefit from the easy connectivity boasting 2 HDMI inputs and a USB slot.


Panasonic TX-43FS352B 43" LED HD TV

The TX-43FS352 HD ready TV boasts a stunningly immersive picture quality sure to blow your socks off. Featuring 2 HDMI inputs for connectivity to a games console or BD player and a USB port, you have all the essentials ready to go.


Panasonic TX43FX550B 43" LED 4K HDR TV

If you're wanting to upgrade to a simple yet elegant 4K TV with smart features, the FX550 series with built in Wi-Fi may just interest you. Combining classic looks with the most popular smart features including FreeviewPlay and On-Demand services, this may just be the the best upgrade you've ever had!


Panasonic TX-43G302B 43" LED HD TV

Set for release in July 2019, Panasonic's new line up will include the G302 series. Available in 24", 32" and 43", this LED HD ready TV will be a fantastic entry level set.


Panasonic TX-43GS352B HD LED TV

Due for release towards the middle of Summer 2019, the GS352 series from Panasonic will be a big hit for any household that doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

Panasonic TX43GX550B 43" 4K UHD LED TV

The Panasonic TX-43GX550B HDR LED TV creates a gateway to 4K entertainment. Featuring a high contrast screen for superior picture quality and 4K streaming from Netflix and Prime Video, this series is one not to be missed.