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Arguably the most important component of any home cinema, the television will be the focal point (quite literally) of your setup. Our range of LCD TVs include conventional models of all shapes and sizes as well as 3D ready models and next-generation 4K behemoths.


4K ready sets come with four times the resolution of 1080p HD and with Ultra HD Blu-ray players finally falling within the realms of affordability now is the perfect time to jump on the 4K wagon.  Also because 4K scales up, even your regular HD media will look stunning.


Our 3D ready televisions deliver 3D films and television with stunning depth and clarity beyond anything you'll find at your local cinema. Many of our 3D ready models are also 4K compatible, meaning you'll potentially be able to experience the highest possible definition in three dimensions. All 3D ready televisions are more than capable of playing conventional 2D features.


We also offer a vast range of Full HD LED TVs. These are perfect models for those on a budget, or perhaps those who lack the compatible equipment to make the most of a 4K and 3D set. LED is the new standard when it comes to flat screen, high definition televisions, having long since overtaken plasma and LCD thanks to the improved picture quality and slimmer builds, not to mention the lower running costs.


If you require any help choosing the right TV for you, feel free to give us a ring on our freephone number at 0800 014 8352 for our professional and impartial advice.